Commons Service Desk (HIL)

The Commons Service Desk, part of the John B. McNair Learning Commons, is where you will bring your books (along with your UCard) to sign them out. You can sign out up to 100 books!

The Commons Service Desk is where you can:

 - claim group study rooms,

 - pick up print items that have been put on reserve,

 - sign up to rent a locker, and

- borrow laptops, chargers, as well as other useful items.

If you have any questions or concerns at any time, you can stop by the Commons Service desk and speak with helpful UNB Libraries Staff.

The computers, located in front of the Commons Service Desk, are available for quick look-ups. Any library patron can use them without having to login. There are other quick access machines around the HIL for your convenience.

Welcome to UNB Libraries!
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