Buffalo Bill

Although Buffalo Bill Cody and Alexander Majors said that Cody rode for the Pony Express, some have disputed it.  Nevertheless, Cody, through his Wild West Show, played a major role in publicizing the Pony Express world-wide.  Buffalo Bill did not become famous because of the Pony Express, but the Pony Express became famous because of Buffalo Bill.  The Pony Express riders became popular figures in the public imagination and continue to play a positive role in American legend.

Between 1883 and 1914, Buffalo Bill’s show toured St. Joseph nine times.  The exhibit details some of the acts and the seemingly impossible task of putting on a show of this magnitude day after day on the tour.

Included here are photos taken during the installation of the exhibit.  Not only can you see how an exhibit comes into being, but also, you can see some parts of the exhibit itself.

Pony Express National Museum
  1. This is where it all began!
  2. Enter the Pony Express Theater
  3. Your Tour Starts Here
  4. A Moment in Time
  5. Horse Stalls
  6. Tack Room and Harness Shop
  7. U.S. Trail Map
  8. Hungry for News
  9. Risk Takers (The Founders)
  10. Why St. Joseph?
  11. The First Ride
  12. Wagons Ho!
  13. On the Trail
  14. On the Trail
  15. On the Trail
  16. On the Trail
  17. On the Trail
  18. On the Trail
  19. On the Trail
  20. Relay Stations
  21. Saddles and Mochila
  22. The Well
  23. Horses
  24. Buffalo Bill
  25. Route Divisions and Stations
  26. Route Divisions and Stations
  27. Hargens Painting
  28. The Mail
  29. The Missouri Swamp Fox
  30. Telegraph
  31. Steamer Trunk
  32. "The Long Trail Home"
  33. Farewell Pony
  34. The Platte Purchase
  35. Archaeological Dig
  36. Trail Map
  37. The Hotel Robidoux
  38. Hall of Riders
  39. Fractional and Confederate Currency
  40. Coins and Rubbings Table
  41. Children’s Play Area
  42. Postal History
  43. First Day Covers
  44. Penny Machine
  45. Travel the Pony Express Trail
  46. Buffalo Head
  47. Museum Store