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Introduction to The Historic Village at Allaire

Thank you very much for visiting The Historic Village at Allaire! We greatly appreciate your interest in the village and it's history. Allaire Village is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, licensed by the State of New Jersey to operate and manage the historic property located within Allaire State Park.

The mission of The Historic Village at Allaire is to recreate the 19th century life and times of James P. Allaire and the Howell Iron Works.  We strive to energize current and future generations in their understanding of history, through education and preservation.

While our historic buildings are currently not open to the public, we hope that you are still able to have an enjoyable and educational experience in the village through this audio tour. Once the village is able to safely open up to the public, we invite you to visit us again and explore the village in more detail during our events and public programming.

Thank you!

Allaire Village Historic Buildings Tour
  1. Row Houses
  2. Chapel
  3. Foreman's Cottage
  4. Blacksmith Shop
  5. Bakery
  6. Manager's House
  7. General Store
  8. Introduction to The Historic Village at Allaire
  9. Carpenters Shop
  10. Enameling Building
  11. Carriage House
  12. The Allaire Residence
  13. Blast Furnace
  14. Please Donate to The Historic Village at Allaire