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Hog Killing

Hog killing was always a late fall activity.  The cool, chilling air would help preserve the meat.  Salt was used to cure the meat.  Ham and  bacon were placed in a wooden  box and covered completely with salt before being removed and smoked.  The kettle was used to cook out the lard or animal fat and used to make cracklings.  Sausage would have been covered with spices then ground up to mix. It was placed in sausage stuffer and stuffed into linen or cotton bags.  It was smoked to preserve the meat.    The process of hog killing was vital to a farmer and his family.  It provided much needed meat for the long cold winters.  This is the last stop on our audio tour.  Spend as much time as you would like.  After you finish your downstairs tour we encourage you to stop by the Gift Shop on the main floor.   Please consider joining the Robertson County Historical Society.  Dues are $15 for an individual or $25 for a family.  Thank you for visiting the museum today and we hope you enjoyed your tour.

Robertson County History Museum
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  14. Hog Killing