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Laundry Room

Before washing machines, women would wash their laundry by hand using iron kettles.  Water was heated in the kettle over a fire and then washed using a wash board.  It took all day to wash and dry the clothes.  Clothes were hung out on clothes lines in the back yard and air dried.  Once the clothes were brought inside, the ironing would begin.  Irons were heated on their cook stoves.   Tending to the clothes was the responsibility of the women of the family.  Behind you is the final stop.

Robertson County History Museum
  1. Spiral Staircase
  2. City Room
  3. Century Farms
  4. Tobacco Warehouses
  5. Tobacco to Market
  6. Horse Drawn Equipment
  7. Vietnam
  8. War Room
  9. Business Room
  10. Main Street
  11. Courthouse and Loom
  12. Main Street School
  13. Laundry Room
  14. Hog Killing