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Courthouse and Loom

These are architectural items from the Robertson County Courthouse removed and replaced during recent remodels.   The windows are original to the 1879 courthouse.  If you look closely, you can see the wavy glass.

The loom is approximately 200 years old.  It was given to a daughter from her father as a wedding gift.  Thread would be spun from wool or cotton.  It was woven on the loom to make cloth.  The cloth was then used to make clothing for the family.

The glass case in the corner behind the loom displays more personal items from Robertson County Vietnam Veterans.

Robertson County History Museum
  1. Spiral Staircase
  2. City Room
  3. Century Farms
  4. Tobacco Warehouses
  5. Tobacco to Market
  6. Horse Drawn Equipment
  7. Vietnam
  8. War Room
  9. Business Room
  10. Main Street
  11. Courthouse and Loom
  12. Main Street School
  13. Laundry Room
  14. Hog Killing