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Century Farms

On your left you will notice a map of Robertson County which lists the Century Farms.  These farms have been documented and recognized for continuous single family ownership for at least 100 years.  In the next case are examples of hand tools used by farmers.  These tools were used to tend livestock and work on their machinery.  Farmers had to be self-sufficient and repair their own machines and take care of their animals.  Except for a local blacksmith, there was no one to carry your tools to for repairs.  Behind you is our next exhibit.

Robertson County History Museum
  1. Spiral Staircase
  2. City Room
  3. Century Farms
  4. Tobacco Warehouses
  5. Tobacco to Market
  6. Horse Drawn Equipment
  7. Vietnam
  8. War Room
  9. Business Room
  10. Main Street
  11. Courthouse and Loom
  12. Main Street School
  13. Laundry Room
  14. Hog Killing