Inside museum gallery

Weybridge Museum: Library Building, Church Street, Weybridge

Weybridge Museum was initially founded in 1909, after a successful local exhibition put on by the Weybridge Society of Arts and Crafts. It was opened to much popular press by Sir Charles Holroyd, the Director of the National Gallery.

From 1966, the museum’s permanent home was moved to this building, with the various exhibition galleries covering topics from Oatlands Palace to Victorian Childhood and more, on the floor above the library. It was in 1965 that permanent staff were first appointed, to preserve the collection of over 40,000 historic items and run the community events that the museum put on, many of which were arranged in collaboration with Weybridge and Walton Libraries. Public lectures given by museum staff were often delivered at these library venues, as well as craft events for children, for which colourful posters still survive in our collection.

The museum became Elmbridge Museum in 1991, with its gallery above Weybridge Library until 2014. Elmbridge Museum is now a forward-thinking outreach service, with an active online offer and displays in community locations across the Borough.

Visit Weybridge Library to see the heritage trail panel.

Elmbridge High Streets Heritage Trail
  1. Woolworths: 27b High Street, Weybridge
  2. The Post Office: 42 High Street, Weybridge
  3. Frisby's Shoe Shop: 8 Baker Street, Weybridge
  4. A. Ruffle's Shoe Shop: 41 Baker Street, Weybridge
  5. Bannister's Drapers Shop: 4 - 6 Waterloo Terrace, Baker Street, Weybridge
  6. Weybridge Museum: Library Building, Church Street, Weybridge
  7. Church House Antiques: 42 Church Street, Weybridge
  8. Portmore House: 54 Church Street, Weybridge
  9. Hasletts Drapers: 60a Church Street, Weybridge
  10. The Duke's Head: Hepworth Way Crossroads, Walton
  11. Annett's China Shop: Hepworth Way Crossroads, Walton
  12. Henry Ireton's House: 47 High Street, Walton
  13. Rogers & Sons: 51 High Street, Walton
  14. The Regal Cinema: 2 The Heart, New Zealand Avenue, Walton
  15. The Old Library: 72 High Street, Walton