Hasletts early on

Hasletts Drapers: 60a Church Street, Weybridge

In the early 1900s, this store was run as a drapers by William Haslett. It became an established part of the local community, with the junction between Church Street and Balfour Road even acquiring the name of ‘Haslett's Corner’, in recognition of the shop’s long history there.

Haslett's was well-known and popular, thanks to numerous advertisements across all manner of local media and community events. Some of these are preserved in the Elmbridge Museum collection: indeed, six different leaflets for theatre productions at the Walton Playhouse in 1957 all bear the signage for W Haslett's drapers on the back. Other items from Haslett's store also survive, such as the original brass balance scales from the shop, original brown paper carrier bags bearing the shop name, and items of clothing, made from fabrics purchased in the shop. The store eventually closed in the mid-1980s.

Haslett's is now home to Eyesite Opticians. Visit the store to see the heritage trail panel.

Elmbridge High Streets Heritage Trail
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  6. Weybridge Museum: Library Building, Church Street, Weybridge
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  9. Hasletts Drapers: 60a Church Street, Weybridge
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