Frisby s outside

Frisby's Shoe Shop: 8 Baker Street, Weybridge

On the 29th August 1907, Harry Ruffle and Alice Barr were married. The couple moved to Weybridge, and Harry swiftly became the manager of Joseph Frisby Ltd., a shoe shop at 8 Baker Street.

A year after the First World War started in 1914, and just two years after the birth of the couple’s son Sidney, Harry enlisted into the British army. Alice was left as the acting manageress of Frisby’s during his absence. Tragically, Harry was killed in March 1918, leaving Alice a widow on a pension of just £1 and 5 shillings per week. To make matters worse, after the end of the war, Alice was dismissed from Frisby's. Outraged by this decision, she set up her own business, A. Ruffle’s, selling boots and shoes. Ruffle's was on the opposite side of the road to Frisby’s, and in direct competition with the store. To find out about the story of Ruffle’s shoe shop under Alice’s management, head down the road to 41 Baker Street.

Frisby's is now home to Weybridge Antiques, and the heritage trail panel for this stop is at Maya Bakery next door at number 10.

Elmbridge High Streets Heritage Trail
  1. Woolworths: 27b High Street, Weybridge
  2. The Post Office: 42 High Street, Weybridge
  3. Frisby's Shoe Shop: 8 Baker Street, Weybridge
  4. A. Ruffle's Shoe Shop: 41 Baker Street, Weybridge
  5. Bannister's Drapers Shop: 4 - 6 Waterloo Terrace, Baker Street, Weybridge
  6. Weybridge Museum: Library Building, Church Street, Weybridge
  7. Church House Antiques: 42 Church Street, Weybridge
  8. Portmore House: 54 Church Street, Weybridge
  9. Hasletts Drapers: 60a Church Street, Weybridge
  10. The Duke's Head: Hepworth Way Crossroads, Walton
  11. Annett's China Shop: Hepworth Way Crossroads, Walton
  12. Henry Ireton's House: 47 High Street, Walton
  13. Rogers & Sons: 51 High Street, Walton
  14. The Regal Cinema: 2 The Heart, New Zealand Avenue, Walton
  15. The Old Library: 72 High Street, Walton