Turnage Theatre

150 W. Main St

Washington, North Carolina is a town filled with history.  And, as is often the case with such a lively, old seaport town, the buildings, cemeteries, and landscape have haunted stories to tell.  Take for example the Turnage Theater. 

Built in 1913, this grand theater was renowned as a Vaudeville theater in its early days.  Later, a great movie theater, truly a palace in design, opened on the ground floor. 

We will tell you about the spirit of the projectionist who still haunts the movie theater to this day!

Washington Haunts
  1. Turnage Theatre
  2. Going East on Main Street...
  3. Patrician Inn
  4. Walking toward St Peter's...
  5. St. Peter’s Church and Graveyard
  6. 911 Memorial
  7. Old Beaufort County Courthouse
  8. Traveling toward the river...
  9. Blackbeard
  10. More Information