Washington Haunts

Welcome to Washington – one of North Carolina’s most haunted places!  For over 200 years men, women, and children have lived in and visited this old seaport town. 

They have walked these same streets, sailed these same waters, and worked and played in these same buildings that we know and love today.  A few of these people were so strongly connected to this town that they refused to leave – even after death! 

We wish to introduce you to some of these people on this tour.

We are an historic ghost walk with the goal of trying to find truth at the point where history and the supernatural meet. 

Whether you are a history buff or a fan of paranormal activity, this walk will appeal to you. 

Through our extensive research of historic documents, and our listening to first-hand accounts of ghostly encounters, as well as reading and hearing old folk tales and legends, we strive to re-create the stories of real people who called Washington home.

The tour is approximately 1 mile, and takes about an hour at a strolling pace.

Between stories, as you move from stop to stop, we’ll point out some interesting tidbits about Washington and its place in history.

The four stories that are shared on this self-guided tour are some of the more thrilling, spine-tingling stories taken from our 90-minute, professionally-guided evening ghost walk. 

We are excited to have you join us here.  Welcome to Washington Haunts!

102 Stewart Parkway, Washington, NC, USA
Washington Haunts
  1. Turnage Theatre
  2. Going East on Main Street...
  3. Patrician Inn
  4. Walking toward St Peter's...
  5. St. Peter’s Church and Graveyard
  6. 911 Memorial
  7. Old Beaufort County Courthouse
  8. Traveling toward the river...
  9. Blackbeard
  10. More Information