The Ultimate Waco "Fixer Upper" Fan Tour

This is an ultimate experience, where you'll get to see the homes from the hit TV Show, "Fixer Upper" and experience some of Waco's unique history. We'll even swing you by the latest acquisition by TV's most popular couple, Cottonland Castle. You'll enjoy seeing homes from the show, but will also enjoy learning about what made Waco so appealing in the first place.

Addresses are provided via text and audio after purchase.  This will allow you to travel to each destination.  We provide the locations in the order we would normally go to on a live tour. 

Map $ 24.95
1509 Austin Ave, Waco, Texas, United States
The Ultimate Waco "Fixer Upper" Fan Tour
  1. Magnolia Market
  2. Magnolia Press
  3. The Shotgun House
  4. The Fort House
  5. The Home Sweet Home Loft
  6. Spice Village
  7. Branding The Brazos Sculptures
  8. Waco Suspension Bridge
  9. East Terrace House
  10. Cameron Park
  11. The Little House on the Prairie
  12. The 3 Little Pigs House
  13. Earle-Harrison House
  14. The 5th Street Story
  15. The 15th Street Story or Harp Design Co
  16. The Dr. Pepper House
  17. The Americana House
  18. The Elvis House
  19. The Lunar Lander
  20. The Little Shop on Bosque
  21. The Graham House
  22. Magnolia Villas
  23. Hillcrest Estate
  24. The Unstately Manor
  25. The School House
  26. Cottonland Castle
  27. Chip and Joanna's Last House
  28. The Pilot House