Silver City Idaho Cemetery Tour

More than 300 people are buried in the Silver City Cemetery. It's divided into two sections with approximately 100 in the "Masonic" (lower) portion established in 1871, and 200 in the "Citizens" (upper) section, established in 1876. Only about 60 burial plots remain marked in the cemetery today with the rest being lost to time.

As you explore the final resting place of these Owyhee pioneers, please stay on the paths and leave things as they are. Many descendants of these rugged individuals live in the area and honor their heritage by maintaining this sacred place. Please don't leave coins on gravestones as they can discolor the markers. Take plenty of pictures and enjoy your time in historic Silver City! 

A portion of the proceeds from this tour are being used for cemetery preservation projects. This tour is copyrighted by Bob and Stephanie White. If you have additions, corrections, or photos that can be added, please contact us at Additional information about Silver City and ongoing cemetery restoration projects can be found at SilverCity-Idaho dot com.

$ 10.00
Silver City Idaho Cemetery Tour
  1. Jacob Deary
  2. William Blake
  3. Judge James Lynam
  4. The Fred Grete Sr. Family
  5. Harriet C. McCleery
  6. William N. Nichols
  7. David Barton Brickey
  8. The Blackinger Family
  9. R.T. Miller
  10. Chris Studer
  11. Oliver Hazard Purdy
  12. The Clegg Family
  13. Thomas Jefferson Hadley
  14. The Hunt Family
  15. The Asher Getchell Family
  16. Harry Sullivan
  17. The Brunzell Family
  18. John J. Kellogg
  19. Sarah Brooks
  20. Abel A. Berg
  21. William V. Williams
  22. Margaret Bews
  23. The Townsend Family
  24. The Sommercamp Family
  25. Elmer Wennerstein
  26. Samuel Heidelberger
  27. The Scales Family
  28. Samuel Pritchard
  29. The Hawes Family
  30. Moritz Oberdorfer
  31. The Leonard Family
  32. Annie Peterson Sampson
  33. William Stevens
  34. The Johns Family
  35. The Ballard Family
  36. Simon Harris
  37. John Upham
  38. The Merserve Getchell Family
  39. The John and Mary Grete Family
  40. Alfred Hicks
  41. George Dwight Winchester
  42. Lottie A. Eisenhart
  43. Elisha Lewis
  44. Salina Kelly Camaish
  45. Mary Norton Trask
  46. Frank Cable
  47. Charles Schneider
  48. The Cavaney Family
  49. The McMahon Family
  50. The Wagener Family
  51. The Rock Family
  52. John Wedlin
  53. The O'Neil Family
  54. Maggie McCabe
  55. Archie McDonald
  56. Clara L Buckley Burrough
  57. William Lawry
  58. Andrew Sands
  59. August Nilsson
  60. The Lindberg Family
  61. The Leslie Family
  62. Nearby Cemeteries
  63. Acknowledgements