Lake Waccamaw Depot Museum Visitor Tour

The Lake Waccamaw Depot Museum invites you to take a self-guided tour of the 1904 depot building and learn about a few of the many displays we know you'll enjoy.  Simply enter the code:   visitortour

201 Flemington Drive, Lake Waccamaw, North Carolina, USA
Lake Waccamaw Depot Museum Visitor Tour
  1. 1904 Lake Waccamaw Train Depot
  2. Ticket Sales
  3. Council Tool Company 1886
  4. North Carolina Lumber Company Shingle Operation
  5. Semaphore
  6. Telegraph System
  7. Samuel Chatham Potts - Telegraph Operator
  8. Sam Potts' Bohemian Girl
  9. Freight Room
  10. Waccamaw Canoe
  11. Dr. Jean Gerome Prosper Formy-Duval
  12. Caboose
  13. Caboose Cupola
  14. Captain Absalom Powell Historic Marker
  15. RailRoad Gift Shop