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Harbor to Harbor Walking Tour

Welcome to the Harbor-to-Harbor Walking Tour. This 1-mile tour was created by Andon Woods for his North Kingstown High School Senior Project and provides listeners a unique experience focusing on rarely told historical events. Jamestown, named for the Duke of York, who later became King James II, was incorporated in 1678 and has a rich history. The walking tour consists of stops along Narragansett Avenue. Starting at the East Ferry and ending at the West Ferry (Dutch Harbor). Along the route, listeners will learn about the East Ferry, Newport Bridge, island summer life in the Bayview and Thorndike Hotels, the Bomes Theater, Artillery Park, churches, the Jamestown Bridge, Dutch Island, Ft. Getty, Dutch Harbor, and General George Washington's passage to Newport. The narration at each stop will include a unique story that will enhance the experience.

Historical research was conducted by Andon Woods, and selections were chosen for entertainment value.  Each stop has an interactive map embedded at the bottom of the page.  Your device's GPS can assist you in navigating to each stop.

A special thank you to Helen and Michael Smith for their assistance.

Stop 1 begins at the East Ferry Marina Pier.

Harbor to Harbor Walking Tour
  1. The East Ferry and The Newport Bridge
  2. The Bay View and Thorndike Hotels
  3. The Fire Department and The Theater
  4. The Church and The Cemetery
  5. Dutch Island, Dutch Harbor, Jamestown Bridge, Fort Getty