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Welcome, by Benjamin James

Hello, welcome to Greenfield Park, and more specifically to the "Greenfield Park Tree Walk."  My name is Benjamin James. I’m a member of Boy Scout Troop 274 here in Wilmington, North Carolina, and this tree walk is my Eagle Scout project.   Charlie Daniels, the Grammy and Dove award winning, country music Hall of Fame inductee, and native of Wilmington, had agreed to record this welcome prior to his untimely passing.  So, I’m dedicating this tree walk in memory of Mr. Charlie Daniels.  With that said… times a wastin’… what do you say we get on with the tree walk? 

In the park, you will find 15 unique trees that I have picked out especially for you. Each tree is marked with a sign. Each sign shows: the name of the tree, the scientific name of the tree, and a QR code that you can scan with your smart phone camera.  When you scan the QR code with your phone camera, it will take you to a website that will allow you to listen to (or read) interesting facts about each tree.  Also, on the audio tour website there are individual maps to help you find each additional tree along the walk.  We sincerely hope you enjoy the tree walk and learn a few things about our city’s amazing trees!  You will find the first tree on the tour, the Bald Cypress, just behind you next to the lake.  Please enjoy Charlie Daniel’s song, ‘Carolina, I Remember You,’ as you make your way over the first tree.

Greenfield Park - Tree Walk
  1. Welcome, by Benjamin James
  2. Bald Cypress
  3. Southern Magnolia
  4. Red Mulberry
  5. American Sweetgum
  6. Eastern Red Cedar
  7. Sweetbay Magnolia
  8. American Elm
  9. Longleaf Pine
  10. Black Gum
  11. Willow Oak
  12. Loblolly Pine
  13. Live Oak
  14. American Sycamore
  15. Water Oak
  16. Red Maple