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Welcome to Temple Beth El’s Drive Through Sukkot Experience! As you drive slowly and safely through the stations, continue to use the links on this webpage, which will describe each of the stations in the experience. We ask that you stay in your cars until you are invited to shake the lulav and etrog at the sukkah, and please use a mask if you open your window.

At each station of our experience, you will meet someone from our biblical history. They are called Ushpizin, or holy guests, that are traditionally invited into our sukkah. Each of the guests bring a different type of value or inspiration to their story.

In your bag there are washable markers and stickers, and at each station, you might be inspired to write or draw something which can be added to the walls of our sukkah at the end of our journey.

We also provided a small snack for your enjoyment. It is a mitzvah to eat and drink while in the sukkah, so you can keep hold of your snack until you get through the sukkah.

Now, on to Station 1!

Drive-through Sukkot
  1. Welcome!
  2. Station 1 - Abraham & Sarah
  3. Station 2 - Isaac & Rebecca
  4. Station 3 - Jacob & Rachel
  5. Station 4 - Moses & Yocheved
  6. Station 5 - Aaron & Miriam
  7. Station 6 - Joseph & Osnat
  8. Station 7 - David & Michal
  9. Station 8 - Shake Lulav & Etrog
  10. Station 9 - Sukkah
  11. Thank you for coming!