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Canopy Walk

Welcome to the nation’s longest forest canopy walk! This elevated walkway stretches to 1,440 linear feet, or approximately ¼ mile through the forest, and reaches a height of 40 feet at its tallest point. At Whiting Forest of Dow Gardens, the forest is the main exhibit. It would be impossible to have a Canopy Walk without a Canopy of Trees. Sustainability and the protection of trees were top priorities during the Canopy Walk Construction Project. As you walk along Canopy Walk today, you will notice that the forest appears to be growing straight through the structure.

Each “arm” of Canopy Walk features a different experience to encourage visitors to interact with nature in new and unique ways.

The Pond Arm stands 25 feet above the largest forest pond and offers a spot for quiet moments of peaceful reflection and relaxation. This arm also includes two “Pods” for visitors to explore. The East Pod is fully accessible, while the West Pod features a rope bridge and a hidden lower level.

The Spruce Arm ends in an expansive hammock-like cargo net, suspended 25 feet above the forest floor. The Norway Spruce trees growing in this area provide excellent habitat for local birds.

The Orchard Arm is the highest point on Canopy Walk, with a glass overlook that stands 40 feet above the Orchard below.

Canopy Walk is ADA accessible, providing guests of all ages and abilities with an opportunity to explore the forest from this exciting perspective.

You now have a very important decision to make. Which arm of Canopy Walk will you explore first?

Dow Gardens Audio Tour
  1. Visitor Center & Gift Shop
  2. Birch Grove
  3. Boulder Pass & Waterfall
  4. Streamside
  5. Conservatory
  6. Secret Garden
  7. Herb Garden
  8. Sun Bridge
  9. The Pines
  10. The Yew Maze
  11. Willow Wedding Site
  12. Red Bridge Overlook & The Maze
  13. Founders' Circle
  14. The Bumps
  15. Observation Island
  16. Wedding Peninsula
  17. Rhododendron Trail
  18. Children's Garden
  19. Rose Garden & Trial Beds
  20. Rose Garden Bridge
  21. Orange Bridge Overlook & The Snake Creek Floodplain
  22. Orchard
  23. Mini Pines
  24. Wildflower Meadow
  25. Playground
  26. Forest Trails
  27. Covered Bridge
  28. Canopy Walk
  29. Education Center