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Secret Garden

Hidden amongst a covering of trees and an underplanting of wildflowers and ferns, you may just find the Secret Garden. This secluded garden space features a small pond, a waterfall, a miniature red bridge, and a small picnic area. A perfect setting for visitors looking to enjoy a private moment of peace and tranquility.

A rustic stone fireplace sits near the entrance to the Secret Garden. This fireplace was constructed in 1931 for Willard Dow. A newspaper article once described this spot as an “ideal location for picnic parties.” The Dow family held many family gatherings in the gardens over the years.

Dow Gardens Audio Tour
  1. Visitor Center & Gift Shop
  2. Birch Grove
  3. Boulder Pass & Waterfall
  4. Streamside
  5. Conservatory
  6. Secret Garden
  7. Herb Garden
  8. Sun Bridge
  9. The Pines
  10. The Yew Maze
  11. Willow Wedding Site
  12. Red Bridge Overlook & The Maze
  13. Founders' Circle
  14. The Bumps
  15. Observation Island
  16. Wedding Peninsula
  17. Rhododendron Trail
  18. Children's Garden
  19. Rose Garden & Trial Beds
  20. Rose Garden Bridge
  21. Orange Bridge Overlook & The Snake Creek Floodplain
  22. Orchard
  23. Mini Pines
  24. Wildflower Meadow
  25. Playground
  26. Forest Trails
  27. Covered Bridge
  28. Canopy Walk
  29. Education Center