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Aveiro, the "Venice of Portugal" with a famous sweet treat

Known, perhaps inevitably, as the 'Venice of Portugal' due to its canals, Aveiro is a small, relaxed and beautiful city about an hour South of Porto and makes for a great stop off en route between Porto and Lisbon.  Moliceiros (or gondolas) ply their trade along the canals, and a canal boatride is considered the quinessential experience of Aveiro, and a great way to admire the Art Nouvaeu and Romanesque architecture of the city.

However if you ask a Portuguese person about Aveiro they are likely to tell you about its oves moles (pronounced "ovesh molsh", which means soft eggs). This ubiquitious orange delicacy of egg yolks and sugar is a staple of Averio and pastry chefs come from around Portugal come to learn the secrets of a good oves moles. You will often find it crafted into shells made of rice paper. Don't come to Aveiro without trying oves moles.

Join us on this tour to learn more about what Aveiro has to offer.

Beira Mar - Jardim do Rossio, Aveiro, , Portugal
Aveiro, the "Venice of Portugal" with a famous sweet treat
  1. History of Aveiro
  2. Moliceiros
  3. Cuisine of Aveiro
  4. Art Nouveau Museum (Museu Arta Nova)
  5. Ovos Moles
  6. Aveiro Train Station
  7. Barra
  8. Costa Nova
  9. More places to go