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AfroCity Tours

“Do you know that if it was not for the black man this war never would have been brought to a close with success to the Union, and the liberty of your race if it had not been for the Negro?” We hold these words of Major Martin Delany, the highest ranking African officer in the American Civil War, as relevant in the present as they were in the past to free the land and free the people. 

AfroCity is an expression of this self liberating characterization and place; the utilitzation of cultural imagination to progressively interpret local and global landscapes by reassignment of street names and historic relevance to the African experience. Spaces of the Maafa become affirmations to resist enslavement. The experience is built to inspire future generations from a cornerstone of African American capitalism and development.

For example, Harriet Tubman trekked through these Virginia byways. The U.S. African Troops marched down the Main Street artery with President Lincoln to end of the Civil War. Sheshemane Street bridges the African Diaspora to the Motherland and Nile Valley, where all of humanity was born. True stories, all in the metissage trails and of AfroCity.

AfroCity is a cultivation of intergenerational relationship with liberation stories for peace and empowerment. It is a strategy to explore history, culture and land stewardship themes, and is an educational and spiritual retreat to the triumphant stories of ancestry that can help to build and grow industrious and healthy communities today.

For a better understanding of tour stops, do explore the AfroCity overlay of city grid and Shockoe Bottom Street Map.  Your first stop is Main Street Station.

AfroCity Tours
  1. Main Street / African Troops Boulevard
  2. 14th Street / Mayo Bridge
  3. Harriet Tubman / Ancient Mounds
  4. Harmony Way
  5. Garden of the Egun
  6. Restoration of Memory / Egyptian Building
  7. Healing Waters