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Coarse volcanic tuff

Here we have some more tuff! Like the ones before, this formed when a volcano in this region erupted violently! Ash, rocks, magma and other materials exploded out of the top of the volcano and then came together to form this rock. This tuff is slightly different from the ones before, as you can see a lot of bigger rocks embedded inside. That might mean that this volcano was extremely violent. You would not want to be anywhere near this volcano if rocks this big were exploding out of it!!

Geoscience Audio Tour around Townsville
  1. Castle Hill
  2. Dolerite Dyke Intruding into Granite Rock Wall
  3. Faulting in Granite
  4. Xenoliths in Granite
  5. Pallarenda Beach
  6. Pumice and Coal on the beach
  7. Weathered rocks
  8. Lava Flows
  9. Volcanic tuff
  10. Preferentially weathered intrusion
  11. Coarse volcanic tuff