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Geoscience Audio Tour around Townsville

Welcome to the Geoscience Audio Tour around Townsville!

Put your headphones in and take an educational stroll around the Ville. By visiting the sites pinned on this map, you can easily learn about the geology of Townsville. 

Geoscience helps us to understand past climate, which can arm us with the knowledge to tackle current climate issues. As you walk along this tour, you will learn about how climate on earth changes over geological time due to the carbon cycle, and come to understand the role of humans in modern climate change. 

Note for Teachers: 

This tour is designed for you! Use this tour to gain knowledge about Townsville Geology which you can then pass on to your class. We have provided suggestions for activities and discussion questions that can be given to students as they move from site to site. 

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The Strand, Townsville, QLD, Australia
Geoscience Audio Tour around Townsville
  1. Castle Hill
  2. Dolerite Dyke Intruding into Granite Rock Wall
  3. Faulting in Granite
  4. Xenoliths in Granite
  5. Pallarenda Beach
  6. Pumice and Coal on the beach
  7. Weathered rocks
  8. Lava Flows
  9. Volcanic tuff
  10. Preferentially weathered intrusion
  11. Coarse volcanic tuff