17th Apparition - Gathering evidence

Wednesday the 7th of April - 17th Apparition

The lady - she was not yet officially known as the Blessed Virgin Mary or Our Lady of Lourdes, and the people still didn't know her name - gave no message this time.

Bernadette, looking intently at her, was saying her Rosary. She was holding the Rosary in her left hand, and in her right was a brightly burning candle. Suddenly the candle flame, caught in a breeze, touched her hand. It seemed to be burning her.  The flame from the candle was constantly flickering onto her hand, and this went on for fifteen minutes; Dr. Dozous was timing it, seeing how long Bernadette would continue praying without showing any sign of feeling anything.  It seemed that as long as Bernadette could see the lady, she felt nothing.  Afterwards, though, Dr. Dozous told someone to hold a candle underneath Bernadette's hand.  She immediately cried out in pain.

Bernadette was beginning to be worn out by the constant questioning and the tests being carried out on her.

Lourdes: A Taste of Heaven
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  2. 1st Apparition - Bernadette and 'The little lady'
  3. 2nd Apparition - Holy water
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  8. 17th Apparition - Gathering evidence
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  10. The Stations of the Cross on the hill, and those alongside the river.
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  14. The Torchlight Procession
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  16. The Crowned Statue