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Pimentel Market Mural

You should be standing in front of the popular Pimentel Market. One of the many bodegas catering to Latinx customers, Pimentel also boasts a brightly-colored mural on the corner of Wyman Street. On the wall outside the store, four young women are having a picnic, lying in the grass together and snacking on strawberries and Kit-Kats. 

The mural was painted by Ricardo Gomez, who goes by Deme5, a Boston-based artist. Deme5 identifies as a graffiti artist, but is also skilled in other mediums such as design, illustration, and fine art. 

Deme5 was commissioned by the owner to paint the mural; a sunnier alternative to another plain wall. The four women’s ethnic ambiguity is a reflection of the diversity of Boston’s Latin Quarter, where different accents, flags, and foods come together. 

Across Centre Street, within sight of Pimentel, is the Blessed Sacrament Church. A landmark of the Latin Quarter, this massive brick building graces the neighborhood with wide steps and a sunny plaza. Families enjoy picnics, friends hang out, and lunches are eaten in front of Blessed Sacrament - cross the street to see the next installment of the tour!

Boston's Latin Quarter Public Art Tour
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  2. Welcome to Jackson Square Mural
  3. Unity Mural
  4. Mozart Park Mural
  5. Reach Sculpture
  6. Peace Doves
  7. Baker's Dream Mural
  8. Pimentel Market Mural
  9. Blessed Sacrament Plaza Mosaics
  10. Dancing Bike Racks
  11. Beauty Master Mural
  12. Taino Mural
  13. Ending