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Antilles Trading Company Pirate Museum and Store

Ahoy me hearties and welcome all ye Freebooters and Gentlepeople to the Antilles Trading Company Pirate Museum.  Wit' over 350 artifacts we be dedicated to thy preservation of pirate, maritime and shipwreck relics from da high seas.  Thar also be interactive exhibits with lots of pirate learnin' to be had.  Even a scavanger hunt for those bucaneers wit a sense of adventure. 

Enjoy yer adventure-- and ye best be comin' back mates, as wur always addin' fascinatin' artifacts and treasure from our latest excursions!

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Antilles Trading Company Pirate Museum and Store
  1. Welcome Treasure Seekers
  2. Ancient Pirates
  3. Vikings
  4. The Conquistadors in Florida
  5. Pirate Ships
  6. Nest of Pirates
  7. Shipbuilding
  8. East India Trading Company
  9. What are Swashbucklers?
  10. Ships Decorations
  11. Ship Cannons
  12. Barbary Pirates
  13. Ships Galley and Mess
  14. Sleeping Quarters
  15. Pirate Flags
  16. Captains Quarters
  17. Privateers vs Pirates
  18. Navigation
  19. Pirate Entertainment
  20. Pirates in Love
  21. Positions on a Pirate Ship
  22. Famous Florida Pirates
  23. Pirate Hygiene
  24. Chinese Pirates
  25. Pirate Punishment
  26. Pirate Medicine
  27. Female Pirates
  28. Black Pirates
  29. Death Aboard Ship
  30. Ships Papers
  31. Pirates and Religion
  32. What are Buccaneers?
  33. Pirate Weapons
  34. Pirate Pastimes
  35. Pirates and Treasure
  36. Famous Florida Shipwrecks
  37. Ships in Distress
  38. Ships Bell
  39. The Science of Shipwrecks
  40. Epilogue