Great Lawn

Look out towards the arbor, across the great lawn.... Is the lawn just bustling with butterflies... It's not!

Why do you think there are no hanging out in the grass out there? Hmmmm.... Well for one thing, there are no flowers, right? For another thing, how many types of plants do you see in the grass. Just, grass right? 

Though grassy lawns feel great on our toes and are fun places to play games, they lack biodiversity. 

Bio means life and diversity means different. So, biodiversity are the different types of life. If you have a garden or forest with biodiversity you have lots of different types of plants and lots of different plants leads to lots of different types of insects which lead to different animals. Until you have a diverse ecosystem. 

Though many of you have grassy lawns, how many of you have gardens? Humans have changed nature in this way by removing biodiverse ecosystems and replacing them with grassy lawns. Or parking lots! For these reasons, gardens are important!

No let's see where we can find some more action. Head to the right and let's go explore the vegetable garden next. 

Butterfly Days at a Distance
  1. Welcome
  2. Stop on the Terrace
  3. Great Lawn
  4. Vegetable Garden
  5. Cottage Garden
  6. Outside the Butterfly House
  7. Inside the Butterfly House - Part 1
  8. Inside the Butterfly House- Part 2
  9. Ozark Native Garden
  10. Sensory Garden