Outside the Butterfly House

Please stop under the awning and listen to 3 important rules before entering the butterfly house.

1)    Only 6 people are allowed in the butterfly house at once.

2)    Stay on the paved path. This is because some caterpillars fall off the plants on purpose and use camouflage to hide on the ground. This works well as a tactic for not getting eaten by birds but it makes them very easy to step on even if you are looking!

3)    Please do not touch anything, especially the butterflies and caterpillars. Not only are their bodies delicate, but the soap or hand sanitizer, that is likely still on your hands in small amounts, can kill them!

Do you understand these three simple rules? Thank you for being kind and respectful to our beautiful butterfly friends!

Butterfly Days at a Distance
  1. Welcome
  2. Stop on the Terrace
  3. Great Lawn
  4. Vegetable Garden
  5. Cottage Garden
  6. Outside the Butterfly House
  7. Inside the Butterfly House - Part 1
  8. Inside the Butterfly House- Part 2
  9. Ozark Native Garden
  10. Sensory Garden