Vegetable garden

Vegetable Garden

As you enter the vegetable garden, do you see lots of flowers? Now why would there be so many flowers in a vegetable garden... Hmmmm... 

Well, did you know that many of the vegetables we eat are technically fruits. Tomatoes, cucumbers, and pumpkins are all fruits because they come from a flower. Foods that come from a flower, must be pollinated. 

Pollination, is the task of pollen getting transferred from one flower to another. Most flowers are pollinated by pollinators. Can you think of a common pollinator? Bees, butterflies, and sometimes even wasps, birds, or bats can pollinate our food. Look around the vegetable garden, do you see lots of pollinators? 

Now, back to the flowers... those flowers attract the pollinators. The pollinators pollinate the fruits and vegetables we eat. So, next time you eat a pickle, or enjoy some red sauce on your pizza, thank a pollinator! 

Butterfly Days at a Distance
  1. Welcome
  2. Stop on the Terrace
  3. Great Lawn
  4. Vegetable Garden
  5. Cottage Garden
  6. Outside the Butterfly House
  7. Inside the Butterfly House - Part 1
  8. Inside the Butterfly House- Part 2
  9. Ozark Native Garden
  10. Sensory Garden