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FabEuless Memories

Right next to the Euless Library Foundation’s Book Sale is FabEuless Memories. This mural is entirely composed of over 200 individually created ceramic tiles featuring people, places and things significant in the history of Euless. Want more information on an individual tile? Go to the tablet on the wall and use the interactive tile map to learn more.

Remodeled Library Tour
  1. Outside Façade and Landscape
  2. Rapture of the Human Spirit/It Was Just Like Yesterday
  3. FabEuless Memories
  4. Bubble Wall
  5. Public Lounge
  6. Main Library Collection
  7. Teen Room
  8. Classrooms 01 and 03
  9. Study Rooms
  10. Create Space
  11. Collection
  12. Porch
  13. Blooms of Enlightenment
  14. Cozy Nook
  15. Children's Area
  16. Family Place
  17. Heritage Room
  18. Portrait of Mary Lib Saleh
  19. Touch-Down Nook
  20. Covered Patio