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Outside Façade and Landscape

Welcome to the newly remodeled Mary Lib Saaleh Euless Public Library! This virtual tour will guide you through the top 20 things to see and experience during your visit. 

In the fall of 2018, Euless launched an almost seven million dollar makeover of the Euless Public Library that would bring the original 1996 building into the 21st century. 

While the footprint of the building remains the same, the remodel increased the usable space by 8,000 square feet by utilizing previously unfinished shell space. 

There are many changes that you won’t see but were greatly needed: a new HVAC system, a lot more data and power outlets, and improvements to the lighting, electrical, data, and acoustic systems. You will also see new technology, including new self-service options, smart book returns, and tools to help the library operate more efficiently. 

For now, let’s move to our first tour stop. Head to the West Entrance and face the large bronze statue just outside the door. 

Remodeled Library Tour
  1. Outside Façade and Landscape
  2. Rapture of the Human Spirit/It Was Just Like Yesterday
  3. FabEuless Memories
  4. Bubble Wall
  5. Public Lounge
  6. Main Library Collection
  7. Teen Room
  8. Classrooms 01 and 03
  9. Study Rooms
  10. Create Space
  11. Collection
  12. Porch
  13. Blooms of Enlightenment
  14. Cozy Nook
  15. Children's Area
  16. Family Place
  17. Heritage Room
  18. Portrait of Mary Lib Saleh
  19. Touch-Down Nook
  20. Covered Patio