Benton 9

9 Grant and Barbara Benton Grave

Grant and Barbara Benton lived just up the road from the Centerville cemetery in the big two story house on the right that is still standing today. This was the Willrich home, owned by the man who initiated the original burial grounds described at site #2. This was supposedly a stage coach stop during the gold rush era many years ago.  The Benton’s owned the property surrounding the cemetery and raised Appaloosa horses as a hobby on that land, including what is now the lower (one acre) piece of the cemetery. The Benton’s generously donated this piece of land to the cemetery in the 1970’s. Thank you Grant and Barbara Benton.

John Westlund Memorial Cemetery Tour
  1. Introduction by Julia Westlund
  2. 1 John Westlund Memorial
  3. 2 Unmarked Pioneer Graves and Time Capsule
  4. 3 McIntyres
  5. 4 Howard Carry and Friend Baker
  6. 5 Coleman Family
  7. 6 Original Hintz/Ferguson Cemetery
  8. 7 Gypsy Style Grave
  9. 8 John and Rachel Westlund Grave
  10. 9 Grant and Barbara Benton Grave
  11. 10 Horning Family Grave
  12. Epilog