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1 John Westlund Memorial

As you enter the first gate you will notice a large natural stone to your left. This is in recognition of John Westlund-a long time canyon resident who loved preserving the stories and history of his favorite place on earth-Butte Creek Canyon. He loved the unique qualities of the canyon with its beautiful cliffs, wildlife, creek and most importantly his friends and neighbors. Take a walk through one of his favorite places and enjoy the history dating back to our gold rush days.

John Westlund Memorial Cemetery Tour
  1. Introduction by Julia Westlund
  2. 1 John Westlund Memorial
  3. 2 Unmarked Pioneer Graves and Time Capsule
  4. 3 McIntyres
  5. 4 Howard Carry and Friend Baker
  6. 5 Coleman Family
  7. 6 Original Hintz/Ferguson Cemetery
  8. 7 Gypsy Style Grave
  9. 8 John and Rachel Westlund Grave
  10. 9 Grant and Barbara Benton Grave
  11. 10 Horning Family Grave
  12. Epilog