Westlund 8

8 John and Rachel Westlund Grave

John and Rachel moved to the Canyon in the late 1950’s and built a home where Big and Little Butte Creek join, just above the site of the Honey Run Covered Bridge. Both immediately embraced the community and invited all newcomers and old time canyon residents to join them for fun and laughter at their home on the banks of Butte Creek. John was very interested in the history of the canyon, and spent lots of time learning about the old days from its few remaining old time residents. He captured their stories that he alone would carry forward for the next generation to enjoy. His gift of storytelling, along with his dedication and creativity, helped him preserve and create many interesting articles and stories which he generously shared with all who would visit or make the canyon home. Many of his stories and sketches can be found today at the Centerville Museum. 

John Westlund Memorial Cemetery Tour
  1. Introduction by Julia Westlund
  2. 1 John Westlund Memorial
  3. 2 Unmarked Pioneer Graves and Time Capsule
  4. 3 McIntyres
  5. 4 Howard Carry and Friend Baker
  6. 5 Coleman Family
  7. 6 Original Hintz/Ferguson Cemetery
  8. 7 Gypsy Style Grave
  9. 8 John and Rachel Westlund Grave
  10. 9 Grant and Barbara Benton Grave
  11. 10 Horning Family Grave
  12. Epilog