7 Gypsy Style Grave

As you travel down the gravel road near the back fence are two large Pine trees and near the pines are to be seen a few beautiful headstones made of field rock rather than marble or granite. On the face of these headstones is carved the names of the entire family, mother, brothers, sisters, and this covers the entire face of the headstone, a style used by gypsies. Three old timers independently told John Westlund that the gypsies buried a monkey in that area, but of course it’s all just “word of mouth “. A very unique and interesting part of this historic cemetery.

John Westlund Memorial Cemetery Tour
  1. Introduction by Julia Westlund
  2. 1 John Westlund Memorial
  3. 2 Unmarked Pioneer Graves and Time Capsule
  4. 3 McIntyres
  5. 4 Howard Carry and Friend Baker
  6. 5 Coleman Family
  7. 6 Original Hintz/Ferguson Cemetery
  8. 7 Gypsy Style Grave
  9. 8 John and Rachel Westlund Grave
  10. 9 Grant and Barbara Benton Grave
  11. 10 Horning Family Grave
  12. Epilog