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Hydroelectric Power

Hydroelectric Power.

On the hurst floor can be seen the hydroelectric power generator which is powered via a lay shaft running from the crown gear of the spur wheel. The mill's location on a year round supply of useable volumes of water to drive its wheel makes it an ideal source of power to drive the hydroelectric generator which is integrated into the Mill's power systems.

Water power has been a reliable source of energy throughout the centuries and the origins of this building are testimony to the successful harnessing of that water power in the historical milling that took place well into the 20th Century. The use of the water is classed as non consumptive because all of the water taken from the beck to supply the waterwheel at the Mill is returned back to Cairn Beck. This non consumptive arrangement historically led to several Mills having been located along the reaches of Cairn Beck. 

After meeting the Mill’s lighting, heating and bakery power demands at the site, surplus power will be exported to the National Grid via the incoming electrical lines.

After viewing the Hydroelectric Power generator, exit the Hurst Floor by the same door you came in and enter the Drying Kiln through the door on the left side.

Warwick Bridge Corn Mill
  1. The Mill Site
  2. The Water Wheel & Tail Race
  3. The Hurst Floor and Pit Gears
  4. The Drying Kiln and Life at the Mill
  5. The Stone Floor and Mill Stones
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  7. The Loading Dock and Head Race
  8. Hydroelectric Power
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