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Model Railroad Exhibit

Don't forget to visit the model railroad exhibit which represents the area during the 1920 to 1930 era. "Engineers" are on duty most of the time to answer your railroading questions, and they enjoy sharing their activities with you!

CRHM Guided Tour
  1. The Hotel and The Drummers' Room
  2. Front Lobby
  3. The Dining Room
  4. Railroad Room
  5. Manager's Suite
  6. Hall and Back Lobby
  7. The Second Floor
  8. 1920s-era Hotel Room
  9. The Business and Commerce Room
  10. Dickson County Rooms
  11. Civil War Room
  12. Preservation Hall
  13. Dickson County African American Community & Hampton School
  14. Governor Clement Rooms
  15. Model Railroad Exhibit