Station 11

Government Documents

In stacks 310–318, you’ll find provincial and federal government documents, including gazettes, committee reports, and Hansard debates. If you’re not sure what these are yet, don’t worry: you’ll learn about them in your legal research course. There are signs at the end of each stack that tell you what documents are in them, and many of them are also listed on the Law Reports Locator.

Like the second floor, the third floor also has many tables and carrels for quiet study.

The third floor is also where you’ll find the men’s washroom and conference rooms 3, 4, and 6. Conference Room 4 is also known as the moot room and depending on the time of year it may be limited to upper-year law students working on competitive moots.

Gérard V. La Forest Law Library
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  2. Portrait of Justice Gérard V. La Forest
  3. New Books Shelf
  4. Mackay Reading Room
  5. Reference Section
  6. Computer Lab
  7. Rare Books Reading Room
  8. Second Floor Stacks
  9. Journals S–Z
  10. Mackay Reading Room, Mezzanine Level
  11. Government Documents
  12. International Materials & Journals A–R
  13. "Old Section"