Station 10

Mackay Reading Room, Mezzanine Level

As previously mentioned, the mezzanine level of the Mackay Reading Room is where you’ll find topical case reporters. These are reporters that publish cases on certain topics, such as the Administrative Law Reports, Family Law Reports, and the Canadian Patent Reporter. There are also more carrels among the stacks, and many of them have windows.

You can access the mezzanine level by taking the main stairs from the first floor, or you can use one of the two staircases on either side of the large windows at the back of the Mackay Room. You can also use these stairs to go down to the main floor of the Mackay Room or up to what we call the “old section,” which we’ll visit in Station 13.

As you leave the Mackay Room, you’ll find a clipboard on the wall across from the elevator. You may have noticed a similar one on the first floor as you enter the Mackay Room, and you’ll also find one on the third floor before you enter the “old section.” This is a print copy of our Law Reports Locator, an alphabetical list of our print case reporters and statute volumes and the numbers of the stacks they’re located in. An electronic version is available on our website, and you can use your browser’s search function to quickly find the title you’re looking for. If you need to find a case reporter or statute in print, the Law Reports Locator will tell you where to find it.

Gérard V. La Forest Law Library
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