Zable stadium

Zable Stadium

William & Mary has 23 NCAA Division I athletic teams, with football competing at the Division 1-FCS level. William & Mary is a member of the Colonial Athletic Association (CAA). Outside of varsity sports, there are 43 club sports where students can play against other college club teams at a slightly less competitive level. We also offer intramural sports, the least competitive sports division, where students compete against each other in various single-sex or co-ed individual and team sports such as floor hockey, soccer, basketball, volleyball, tennis, and softball.

Proceed down the front of the Sadler Center and across the two crosswalks. Continue up the brick path now in front of you and walk with Blair, Tyler, and Tucker Halls on your left, and the Sunken Garden on your right.

William & Mary Self-Guided Walking Tour
  1. Washington Hall
  2. McGlothlin-Street Hall
  3. Old Campus Residence Halls
  4. Integrated Science Centers
  5. Andrews Hall
  6. Phi Beta Kappa Memorial Hall
  7. Morton Hall
  8. Jones Hall
  9. Small Hall
  10. Swem Library
  11. Crim Dell Bridge
  12. Sadler Center
  13. Cohen Career Center
  14. Zable Stadium
  15. James Blair Hall