Sadler Center

Enter the Sadler Center through the Lodge One entrance at the front left corner of the terrace.

Lodge One The dining area features Cosi, a retail dining shop that accepts Dining Dollars from students’ meal plans. The stage in Lodge One hosts a variety of student performances, including comedyshows, a cappella performances, and solo music sets. Keep walking past the restaurant and through Lodge One. On your right, you will pass the Student Xchange, our on-campus convenience store where students purchase everything from snack foods to ballpoint pens to fresh sushi. Students can also use Dining Dollars to buy items in the store. Outside of the Student Xchange is the Sadler Center first floor lounge area. You will often find students hanging out on the couches, watching TV, or playing in the free game area. Students can check out equipment with their ID for the pool tables, video game area, air hockey table, and a shuffleboard table. Student mailboxes are straight ahead. All students receive a mailbox number, called a CSU, which they keep for the entire time they are at William & Mary. There is also a United States Postal Service Office located around the corner from the student mailboxes, where you can buy stamps and mail out packages. When you reach the student mailboxes, turn right and walk straight forward, keeping the elevators to your left. Turn right again, walk through the doors, and proceed up the spiral staircase to the first floor of the Sadler Center. The two upper levels of the Sadler Center consist of various conference rooms and the Commonwealth Auditorium, all of which student organizations can reserve free of charge. Recent speaking events in the Sadler Center have included alumnus and former Secretary of Defense and Director of Central Intelligence Robert Gates and alumna actress Glenn Close. All of our undergraduate student research symposiums and campus-wide forums with the W&M President and Board of Visitors are held here. Also located on the first floor of the Sadler Center is Center Court, one of three main dining facilities on campus. The two other main dining halls are the Marketplace, located in the Campus Center, and the Commons Dining Hall, which students affectionately call the Caf. The Sadler Center’s Center Court and the Caf are both all-you-can-eat buffet style dining halls. The Marketplace is an a-la-carte option, where students trade in a meal swipe for a single full meal. Freshmen and students who live on campus are required to have a meal plan. Freshmen must choose between one of three options: the Freedom Plan, where students have unlimited meal swipes and $400 Dining Dollars for the semester; the Gold 19, which gives students 19 meal swipes per week and $225 Dining Dollars for the semester; or the Gold 14, which includes 14 meal swipes per week and $300 Dining Dollars. Exit the Sadler Center.

William & Mary Self-Guided Walking Tour
  1. Washington Hall
  2. McGlothlin-Street Hall
  3. Old Campus Residence Halls
  4. Integrated Science Centers
  5. Andrews Hall
  6. Phi Beta Kappa Memorial Hall
  7. Morton Hall
  8. Jones Hall
  9. Small Hall
  10. Swem Library
  11. Crim Dell Bridge
  12. Sadler Center
  13. Cohen Career Center
  14. Zable Stadium
  15. James Blair Hall