Lemon hall 1

Old Campus Residence Halls

The buildings you see before you are some of our residence halls. From left to right, they are Jefferson, Barrett, Chandler, and Landrum Halls. Jefferson Hall is the only freshman dorm on this side of campus. Freshmen are guaranteed housing and required to live on campus. After freshman year, students can choose to live on or off-campus. About 75-80% of students live on campus during any given year. Residence halls are governed by the philosophy of self-determination, a policy that allows residents to decide the living rules for their dorm on their own. With the help of a Resident Assistant (RA), residents collectively establish hall policies concerning quiet hours, bathroom usage, kitchen and laundry etiquette, and much more. Throughout the year, the students work together to uphold their community agreement. Community is a very important aspect of the W&M experience, which begins during our New Student Orientation. Five days before classes begin, freshmen and transfer students complete Orientation with their residence hall, granting students the opportunity to get to know their hallmates without classes and learn all of the policies and guidelines at W&M. For many students, Orientation is where you make your best friends in college. After freshman year, students may choose to live on campus in a variety of housing styles, including Fraternity/Sorority housing, language housing, or gender-flexible housing. We offer a variety of living arrangements, such as apartments, suites, cluster housing, and singles. The dorms here are one of several clusters of dorms throughout campus. Landrum Hall was most recently renovated in Spring 2018. In terms of sizing for on-campus housing, Barrett is medium-sized housing approximately 175 students. All dorms are co-ed, with female and male housing split either by floor or wing. Here in Barrett, men live to the left of the main lobby and women to the right. All rooms are equipped with wireless high-speed Internet access, a phone line, and a cable connection. Each residence hall has a laundry facility and at least one kitchen and lounge. Continue walking down the path parallel to Barrett and Chandler Halls, then pass through the covered walkway between Chandler and Landrum. Cross Landrum Dr. towards the chalkboard wall and enter Integrated Science Center III. When you walk in, you should walk straight and a small café should be on your left-hand side. As you walk along Landrum Drive, the Hardy and Lemon residence halls are on your left. These dorms house 320 students and have amenities like music practice rooms, group project conference rooms, and suite-style living, as well as high ceilings and large suite-style bathrooms.

William & Mary Self-Guided Walking Tour
  1. Washington Hall
  2. McGlothlin-Street Hall
  3. Old Campus Residence Halls
  4. Integrated Science Centers
  5. Andrews Hall
  6. Phi Beta Kappa Memorial Hall
  7. Morton Hall
  8. Jones Hall
  9. Small Hall
  10. Swem Library
  11. Crim Dell Bridge
  12. Sadler Center
  13. Cohen Career Center
  14. Zable Stadium
  15. James Blair Hall