Ritchie center

Life in Denver, CO - Dimond Family Residential Village and the City of Denver

If you are in the stands or close to the Gold Tower on the west side of the Ritchie Center, you can see our soccer, lacrosse, and club sports fields with the amazing backdrop of the Rocky Mountains. 

If you look back to the south toward Driscoll Green, you can see the brand new Dimond Family Residential Village, a housing option for first-year students. Across the fields to the northwest is Centennial Halls, another first-year residence hall.

Just north of Centennial Halls is our light rail station. Each DU student receives an eco-pass, which gives them free access to all public transportation in the city of Denver. Downtown Denver is only 15 minutes away - it’s a great way to explore the city while staying green! If you were wondering about bringing a car to campus, I have never had one and have found it perfectly easy to get around town, out to the airport, or up to Boulder, simply by using public transit. You are welcome to bring a car on campus starting your first year, although a parking pass is required. We also offer a campus shuttle to help you get around DU, although many students use bikes as well.
This stop illustrates another reason I chose to go to the University of Denver: the location. We have a close-knit campus community feel with all the amenities of a major metropolitan area, while being within an hour’s drive to some of the best outdoor activities in the world. With over 300 days of sunshine each year, students can take advantage of hiking, biking, skiing, snowboarding, you name it! 

For our next stop at Sturm Hall, when facing the sports fields please turn left and walk down the path to cross back over Asbury Ave. Sturm Hall will be on your right. 

University of Denver Campus Audio Tour
  1. Introduction - Mary Reed and University Hall
  2. Educating Students - Daniels College of Business
  3. More than Just a Library - Anderson Academic Commons
  4. Getting Involved - Driscoll Green, Community Commons, and Old Fraternity Row
  5. Athletics and Wellness - Coors Fitness Center and the Ritchie Complex
  6. Life in Denver, CO - Dimond Family Residential Village and the City of Denver
  7. The Liberal Arts Philosophy - Sturm Hall
  8. Experiential Learning and Academic Support - Joy Burns Center/ Knoebel School of Hospitality Management
  9. Global Perspectives - SIE Complex
  10. Residence Life and Experiential Communities - Johnson McFarlane Hall
  11. Innovation and Exploring Your Interests - Ritchie School of Engineering and Computer Science and Newman Center
  12. Conclusion - We Are The University of Denver