Bunny and carrot

Andrew's Bunnies Family Tour

This is the perfect tour for all the family. Let you little ones lead you around the museum as they listen to facts about the Andrew Carnegie told from the perspective of Andrew's pet bunny rabbits. Your child will be prompted to ask you questions and become your tour guide for the day!

Developed in collaboration with Pittencrieff Primary School, Dunfermline.

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Andrew's Bunnies Family Tour
  1. Bunny No.1
  2. Bunny No. 2
  3. Bunny No. 3
  4. Bunny No. 4
  5. Bunny No. 5
  6. Bunny No. 6
  7. Bunny No. 7
  8. Bunny No. 8
  9. Bunny No. 9
  10. Andrew's School Days
  11. Andrew's Uncle, George Lauder
  12. Going to America