Pieville USA Presents Lemon Meringue Pie Confection

Pie Ville USA introduces Lemon Meringue Pie Confection.

Designed By: Carlene Bobitt as Lead, Elisë Bobitt and Gabbé Bobitt-Gonzales

Like our baking, this dress was a family endeavor.  For our Lemon Meringue dress, our mom Carlene took the lead.

This, oh so sweet dress is fabricated with the elements of lemon meringue pie. The bodice of the dress represents the lemon pie filling and the skirt has the wispy white elements of the pie's meringue topping.  The neckline is enhanced by the basic elements of lemon pie ingredients with alternating lemons and classic, vanilla extract caps. The ruffle detail at the bottom of the dress is a whimsical reference of home-made pie crust.  

We our bakers at heart and we love sharing our favorite recipes of confection.  Life is sweeter with desserts!  

Visit the bakery at 107-109 S Main St.

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