Farmersville Times Presents Newsworthy Nora

Farmersville Times introduces Newsworthy Nora.

Designed By: Sonia Duggan as lead, and Charlene Loggins

Sonia Duggan gives us the inside scoop about Newsworthy Nora!

As a representative of the oldest newspaper in Collin County, “Nora” is stylishly stepping out in a vintage cocktail dress for the Shop Girls Day exhibit.

Despite reviewing hundreds of real – not fake - newsprint dresses, the retro style dress I was looking for did not exist. There are times when one must choose form over fashion, but this was not one of them!

The dress is fabricated entirely from past issues of The Farmersville Times and features only two non-newspaper additions: the ribbon sash and the tulle shrug.

After the first two skirt attempts, I was not happy with the results, however, the third and final skirt attempt turned out to be a “happy accident,” having both dimension and color from a blue-toned Lake Lavon ad. The skirt provided color inspiration for the additional details.

The addition of Charlene Loggins, a talented crafter and Times employee, to the team after the first skirt and top attempt, helped make the vision become a reality. Charlene’s woven “fabric” added the dimension and durability needed to make the bustier a success and her detailed paper roses at the waistline cinch the retro look. The simple addition of the decoupage shoes I crafted complete Nora’s outfit.

Overall, the total Shop Girl entry took approximately 25 hours – and two people - to complete. It may very well be a newsmaker made out of newspaper!

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