Shop Girls Day Exhibition 2020

Welcome to Farmersville Heritage Museum's Shop Girls Day Exhibition!

The museum invites you to experience this unforgettable exhibition as local businesses have crafted original dresses for this runway style exhibit.

Shop Girls Day Exhibition is inspired by two archived photographs, circa 1900. The historic photographs highlight local merchant shop girls wearing custom designed dresses fashioned as advertisements for the business' goods and services.

For our modern exhibition, 12 local businesses hand-crafted original dresses, creating a visual representation of their business offerings through fashion. Each merchant crafted their dresses from avant-garde materials to tell their stories.

You will be amazed by their talent, creativity and their passion for fashion! Many hours of designing were invested in these beautiful dresses. Some dress makers fabricated two dresses before achieving their desired look!

A heartfelt "thank you" to our participants. You have overwhelmed us with your talent and generosity of time!

And to our guest, Farmersville Heritage Museum extends a special thanks for your attendance today!

Enjoy the Fashion Exhibition...Now on the Red Carpet! 

Shop Girl's Day Exhibition
  1. Shop Girls Day Exhibition 2020
  2. The 'Ville Studio Presents Posh
  3. The Hay Loft Presents A Walk in Nana’s Flower Garden
  4. Farmersville Times Presents Newsworthy Nora
  5. Over Yonder & Bottles and Boards 442 Present Susan
  6. 12 Stories Coffee Present Brewed for Beauty
  7. Yarn and You Presents Shop Girl
  8. Rise Up Balloons Presents Ellie
  9. The Stable Restaurant Presents The Stable
  10. Pieville USA Presents Lemon Meringue Pie Confection
  11. Ol' Tin Cupboard Bakery Presents Dawg-Gone Sweet
  12. Fancy Fibers Presents Fancy
  13. The Nest Hearth and Home Presents Raven
  14. A heartfelt Thank you for visiting Farmersville Heritage Museum!