The Oregon Trail

Maynard Dixon continued to illustrate books for most of his life, creating an eighty-book resumé. Some of the most distinguished authors of the day, including Jack London and Clarence Mulford, author of the Hopalong Cassidy series, also considered Dixon a friend. They respected not only Dixon’s artistic prowess, but also his sizable writing skills. 

One final commission for a book illustration was secured by Dixon in 1941 for the new edition of Francis Parkman’s The Oregon Trail, which was published in 1943. George Macy, the publisher, was impressed with the watercolors and drawings Dixon proposed, and for the next year, the artist worked on the project. Seventy images were included in the book, with many more unused.

Maynard Dixon’s American West- Sponsor’s Panel
  1. Introduction
  2. Illustrations
  3. Arizona & New Mexico 1900-1905
  4. Kit Carson
  5. Montana 1909 & 1917
  6. Arizona & Major Artworks: The 1920s
  7. Tempe & The Apache Lands 1915
  8. The Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco
  9. The Depression Era & Boulder (Hoover) Dam, Arizona
  10. Taos, New Mexico: The 1930s
  11. Tucson, Arizona & Mount Carmel, Utah The Final Years: 1940-1946
  12. Edith Hamlin 1902 Oakland, California – 1992 San Francisco, California
  13. The Oregon Trail
  14. Poetry