38 saturn 1600x900

Saturn (Photo station)

And now the title track: Saturn. Saturn is about self knowing, ambition and change. At this last station, you can capture your experience and document who you are this evening with a professional photo station. We’ll make the photos available on the event Facebook page.

Thank you for showing up tonight, for taking a chance, and for trying something new. It means so much to me and I hope you are taking away something valuable. All my love. 

Saturn Returns Masquerade
  1. Mercury (Garage)
  2. Welcome!
  3. Venus (Statue)
  4. Earth (Table by tree)
  5. Sun (Archway)
  6. Uranus (V-shaped area)
  7. Neptune (Yurt)
  8. Jupiter (Hanging boxes)
  9. Mars (Balloons)
  10. Saturn (Photo station)